About the tutoring club

TIME 2000 students have formed a Queens College club called,"Today's Tutors, Tomorrow's Math Teachers"

TIME 2000 students have formed a Queens College club called, "Today's Tutors, Tomorrow's Math Teachers." Often students at Queens College take low-paying jobs that detract them from their schoolwork. TIME 2000 students realize that they can make more money in less time by tutoring students in mathematics. The added benefit is that they form close friendships with one another, derive satisfaction from helping middle and high school students learn mathematics, and gain teaching experience. TIME 2000 students do their tutoring on the Queens College campus.

The rates for MT4 Tutoring are as follows:

$25/hour for on-campus tutoring
$30-35/hour for off campus tutoring

The rate for off campus tutoring depends on your proximity to Queens College or to a tutor. Please note that tutoring for the SAT or any other standardized tests besides the Regents may have increased rates. We encourage you to submit job requests by clicking the “Tutorial Form” link on the upper right hand corner. For more information about the tutoring club or to leave a message please contact, 718-570-0520.

email: mt4club@gmail.com